Friday, 13 May 2022

Healthy and fitness food business market and opportunities


Do you know as people are becoming more and more health and fitness conscious, 

the market for healthy and fitness food has become $1 Trillion plus worldwide? 

Before talking about the market and opportunities, let’s talk about what's healthy and fitness food. 


Healthy food is any food which is healthy for the body or mind. 

Nowadays, people have become more health conscious. 

To live a healthy lifestyle it is very important to eat healthy food. 

So, people choose to eat food with less or no sugar, oil and harmful ingredients. 

Healthy food also has vital nutrients and vitamins to keep a person’s health in good condition. 


On the other hand fitness food is food eaten by the fitness conscious people. 

Nowadays people have become fitness freaks. They go to the gym and do workout daily to stay fit. 

Exercise or workout is not enough to stay fit. One also has to focus on the diet. 

People who work out daily also need protein, vitamins and minerals in the right amount. 

Fitness foods do fulfill that requirement.


According to a research report by a leading research firm McKinsey the future of the 

wellness market is $1.5 Trillion globally. (Source: McKinsey). 

According to the report wellness is categorized in 6 dimensions by the people today. 

  1. Better health

  2. Better fitness

  3. Better nutrition

  4. Better appearance

  5. Better sleep

  6. Better mindfulness

For these 6 categories, having good and right food in the right amount is very much important. 


So, what is healthy and fitness food? 


Healthy and fitness foods should not contain harmful ingredients and have important nutrients 

for the body. It could be with or without processed food.

Few examples of healthy and fitness food are below:


Foods which are not processed:

  1. Dry fruit (almonds, cashew, etc.)

  2. Fruit (mango, apple, orange, etc.)

  3. Veggies (tomatoes, broccoli, etc.)

  4. Milk


Foods which are processed:

  1. Peanut butter

  2. Smoothies 

  3. Fruit juice

  4. Salad


What are the profitable healthy and fitness food business ideas?


  1. Start healthy food restaurant or meal services

  2. Start a juice bar

  3. Make protein bars and sell on amazon and other ecommerce platforms

  4. Become nutrition consultant

  5. Provide private chef services

  6. Start a salad bar


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